Booking a Walking Holiday in the UK

Great British Walks - Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Booking a Walking Holiday in the UK


When you are looking to book your next walking holiday in the UK, it would be so useful to have a few tips that might just help. Here at Great British Walks - formerly The Walking Holiday Company we deal with hundreds of bookings every year. Honestly, we have dealt with so many clients with different requests. From newbies to the old experienced. Each client has their own preference of place, style and pace.

So, how do you go about booking a walking holiday? Firstly, it is really important to be honest with yourself about your abilities. There can be nothing worse than facing 20 miles a day when you can only sensibly achieve 8 miles. Remember that just because you walked 15 miles last weekend, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be happy doing that for 10 days in a row. So - think carefully about what you want out of your holiday. If you have a relaxing break in mind, choose one where you know you can easily complete the daily mileages. This will allow plenty of time for photos, meandering off track if something catches your eye, or a long, relaxed lunch.

"I've never walked a long-distance path before" - Well, ask yourself what your interests are. History? Wildlife? Photography? Do you want to see the coast? Do you want to feel like there are other walkers around? How fit are you? The more you can tell us, the more we can help to line you up with a suitable walk. Hiking Tours are as individual as you are, and once we know how many days you have available, along with some of the pointers above, we can make some suggestions for you.

So, once you have contacted us about your holiday and we have sent out some ideas, you can email us as often as you need to make sure it’s the right holiday for you. When you are ready to book, we would ask you to tell us about any extra details that could make your experience better for you. Are you Gluten intolerant? Do you have specific dietary requirements? Are you 6' 8" tall and really don't want a low-level ceiling in your room! Do you prefer to stay in a B & B or Inn? We really want to book your walking holiday, and we want to get it as close as we can to your perfect hiking tour.

Give us as much notice as possible. Most of our clients tend to book their walking holiday at least 3 months before the start date. If you have a large group then we may need a lot longer. Walking routes, by nature, do tend to be very rural. As such there are limited accommodations along each route. The earlier you book, the sooner we can snaffle up those rooms for you. On your booking form, you should state your room requirements. You may want a double bed or a twin room, or maybe either will do so long as it’s an en suite. As before, if we know your wish list, we can book to suit.

Last but not least... practice your long daily walks. A month or two before your holiday, start doing walks three or four times a week. 3 - 4 miles each time. then on the weekends, get out and do some 10 - 15 milers... this will help get you walking fit, and then you will enjoy your holiday so much more.

Booking your walking holiday through Great British Walks is a great move. Making your holiday makes us smile!


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