US Dollar Rate Best Ever

Great British Walks - Friday, August 09, 2019
US Dollar Rate Best Ever

Great British Walks - The US$ vs GBP£

The current exchange rate for the US Dollar vs the British Pound is fluctuating around $1.21 to $1.22 which is giving our friends in North America the most wonderful exchange rate in many many years.

There has never been a better time to Book your next walking holiday with Great British Walks .... so don't delay, as the global currency markets can be volatile and unpredictable. If you book your holiday at the current rates and pay in full - you will enjoy a fantastic exchange rate in your favour. Millions of tourists are pouring into Britian in 2019 because the British Pound is so low whereas the US Dollar is strong.

Opportunities to visit Great Britain with such favourable exchange rates don't happen that frequently, so by booking your holiday and paying in full, could provide you with significant savings for late 2019 holidays or for the 2020 season. The British Pound will no doubt eventually rally against the USD$, and any advantage might be lost.

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As always, it is our absolute pleasure to serve you our customers, and ensure you all have wonderful Great British Walks, in one of the most beautiful countries you could ever wish to visit. Thank you - you all mean so much to us.

Julie Thomas - Managing Director


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